Carmelo Anthony is leaving NY Knicks in free agency

Updated: March 24, 2014

Carmelo Anthony is leaving NY Knicks

$60 million will be banking on Zen Master’s magic touch by the New York Knicks, but Carmelo Anthony is not sure he will stay with the Knicks or not.

This is what Stephen Smith from ESPN said during First Take on Monday. Smith said: “Melo is going to point an exit in free agency during the offseason. This was told to me last week. Somebody that I trust emphasized to me that he is gone, Carmelo Anthony is leaving NY Knicks in free agency. There are people who still do not believe this (including me) but for what they said to me Melo is gone.

Carmelo Anthony is leaving NY Knicks

The question is “If Carmelo Anthony is leaving NY Knicks then where will he land”? According to Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! Sports, the Houston Rocket and the Chicago Bulls are the main suitors for Carmelo. He has options with free agent and two of them Chicago and Houston have raised between the others. It is an easy path for the Bulls to clear the salary – cap space and in this way they can sign him.

Melo has shown interest in testing the free agent. If he chooses any team except the NY Knicks he loses a year in contract and at the same time about $30 million if that privilege is not Knicks.

It would take a considerable step of faith to go out from that cup of tea.

Last summer Dwight Howard was participant in a similar situation, in a championship race with the Rocket and the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t show any sign of letting up. Anyhow Howard has not chosen carefully the Lakers the way Carmelo Anthony obliged himself to the Knicks. We can say that Melo has not only a financial attachment with his team. The only thing he might not have for the moment are the championships around him. While the Knicks are on a high season right now they are still four games behind Atlanta Hawks always regarding the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

Without financial help and without any draft on the future plans there is a possibility of a wasted season.

“I have heard that Carmelo Anthony and his band is interested only in the summer of 2014″. This was specified on the New York Daily News by Frank Isola. “They do not want to know about 2015 plans”. Are they right? We think yes because Carmelo Anthony will be 31 and will be a little tired till that time. The Knicks made a big move with attracting Jackson to their team. While from another source from New York Daily News’ Peter Botte reports “Carmelo Anthony claimed that he don’t believe that this will have effects on his decision”.

Carmelo Anthony is leaving NY Knicks

But the big question is if Anthony will be back with the Knicks the next season or not?

It seems that he has not taken any decision yet, because he needs also four month to reach free agency. The hope is on Jackson’s hands as he is a great manager so he can find a solution in this difficult situation.

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