Derrick Rose joins Team USA

Updated: June 3, 2014

Derrick Rose joins Team USA

Team USA will guest a familiar player this year. Derrick Rose joins Team USA and hopefully he will make the team.

The Chicago Bulls superstar has missed the two past NBA seasons due to two consecutive knee injuries, but now as he said he feels 120 % ready to play and he can’t wait to represent his country the 2014 World Cup in Spain. He has been working really hard in rehab and in training so we hope he will return in his MVP form in no time.

Bulls coach Thibs is very enthusiast for his team point guard. “All of us are waiting for Derrick Rose to return. His rehab went well and he is right on schedule. Next step is he joins Team USA.” said Thibodeau. “I never doubt that Derrick will return to his best form. He’s had two major injuries and he has been working really hard to make a complete recovery.”

Derrick Rose joins Team USA Gar Forman thinks that Rose is in a good shape right now, “He started  playing one – on – one and two – on – two. Everything went according  to plan. We hope he plays for USA in summer so he will be ready to play  for the regular season” said Chicago Bulls GM.


 The above statements of the Bulls GM and their coach confirm that their  organization is supporting Derrick to join Team USA.


Coach ‘K’ said in an ESPN interview: “Derrick Rose will be part of our national team only if he will be fully recovered and off course knowing Rose I’m sure he will be 100 % ready to play. I really hope that Derrick Rose joins Team USA and will be one of the 12 guys who will represent our country in this competition. I am sure that they will bring home another World Cup for their country.”

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