Joakim Noah drinks tequila every time he is nervous

Updated: March 12, 2014

For many people drinking alcoholic drinks is in a kind of way a tool to rid yourself from all the bad memories, all the things that you don’t like and at the end you can have some fun. But Joakim Noah drinks tequila when he is nervous. Tequila is like a trainer for him that helps to pose in front of the cameras, especially when he is a little nervous.

Joakim Noah drinks tequila to pose for GQ

Chicago Tribune reporter, Luis Gomes says that Joakim admitted that the most famous liquor that can help to cure the emotions of being in front of the cameras was tequila. Noah had this funny experience during a recent photo shoot for GQ magazine. “Joakim Noah drinks tequila every time he is nervous”, he told the reporters. “Actually I had some tequila shots before we start the photo shoot so I am ready for it”.

He also admitted that this was a good way to rid the anxiety. He said that this feeling is for all, and all have their methods. Some drink red bull which give wings to everyone but for my opinion tequila turns tables into energetic catwalk said the Bulls All-Star! And that energetic catwalk was happening after a fashion. He dribbled in front of the GQ cameras in a J. Hilburn shirt and bow tie.

Joakim Noah drinks tequila

Despite all his anxieties for Joakim Noah is not the first time that he poses for a fashion magazine. In 2009 Joakim Noah and his father Yannick Noah did a spread in France for the same magazine.

This time Noah will be on March edition of GQ’s. Gomez claimed that Noah opened up the magazine to emphasize his role as a basketball villain player but now he needs a little booze like tequila to rid his emotions and nerves and then to pose for the magazine. This is the camera effect when you have to care about your look.

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