Joakim Noah Says Derrick Rose Is Chicago Bulls MVP.

Updated: March 18, 2014

Derrick Rose Is Chicago Bulls MVP

After the victory of Chicago Bull over Miami Heat on Sunday night, Chuck Swirsky asked Joakim Noah about the Most Valuable Player chants. And his response was amazing. The All-Star said that he doesn’t like these MVP chants. When he was asked why he doesn’t like the MVP title he said: “There is one clear reason why I do not like to be the MVP. We already have one MVP. Derrick Rose Is Chicago Bulls MVP. For me it doesn’t matter about MVPs and stuff like that, for me it’s all about rings. That’s my only goal for the moment, and I really hope that we can bring a ring to Chicago with Derrick Rose”.

Not only from the results but also from his spirit of the game we can say that Noah is considered one of the most important players of the past two seasons for the Bulls, especially for the moment that he is ranking #4 on the MVP leader. He has missed only three games the entire season despite having passed many injuries. This is emphasized in the Basketball Reference.

Passing to Rose we can say that with the start of the next season he has appeared in fifty games even playoffs in the last three years. It is difficult with his absence to be the MVP of his team again. Everyone knows that the reason why the Bulls can’t become ring contenders is the absence of their MVP Rose. His absence is a question of a big debate. If he would participate they would be secure.

Derrick Rose Is Chicago Bulls MVP

There is only a big question regarding this: If the Bulls would be better with a healthy Derrick Rose instead of a healthy Joakim Noah. Just think about it. None of the players would admit such a thing but everyone knows that Derrick Rose Is Chicago Bulls MVP. Joakim cares only for one thing right now and that is to win the NBA championship.

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