Kevin Love wants Chicago Bulls or New York Knicks

Updated: March 31, 2014

Kevin Love wants Chicago Bulls or New York Knicks

Before he becomes a free agent in 2015, there are rumors that Kevin Love wants Chicago Bulls or New York Knicks and off course the LA Lakers.

He is not just starving for success but he also wants to play for a big city. A trusted source, familiar with Kevin’s thinking said to ESPN Los Angeles “It’s not only the Lakers that he is thinking right now, he loves the idea of staying big time in a big city. He is considering the Lakers, the Bulls and the Knicks as well.”

It’s quite normal for a young superstar like Kevin Love to think signing with a big city. Let’s remember some fresh NBA stars who did the same move before him. ‘Chris Paul went from New Orleans Pelicans to LA Clippers, Carmelo Anthony went from Denver Nuggets to New York Knicks, Dwight Howard went from Orlando to LA Lakers and today he plays for Houston Rockets and of course LeBron James came to Miami Heat from Cleveland Cavaliers.’

Kevin Love wants Chicago Bulls or New York Knicks

Kevin Love has been rumored for a long time for being in the future plans of Lakers. But these rumors can’t make Glen Taylor, the owner of the Wolves, quit trying to convince Love for staying longer with his team. Kevin would be happy to stay longer to his current team but only if they make the right moves in the right time and they will be a contender team in the future.

Anyway if this situation will not change until next season then the 25-year old star will be forced to take his options into consideration and will open for offers from Chicago Bulls and the Knicks reported ESPN.

We don’t know what Kevin Love is going to do but we hope he makes the best choice if he decides leaving the Wolves.

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