Kobe Bryant is out for the reminder of the season

Updated: March 20, 2014

kobe bryant is out

A few days ago LA Lakers made an official announcement about Kobe Bryant health condition: “ Kobe Bryant is out for the reminder of the season” He didn’t go in Oklahoma City with his team, not even in San Antonio. He stayed back and was being re examined by his team doctor, Steve Lombardo. After the examination they had to take the decision that he won’t play during this season.

Kobe played only six games after his recovery from a torn Achilles tendon around 11 months ago and then came the knee injury. Now he is going to miss seventeen weeks of this season and not just six weeks as it was said in the beginning.

The “Black Mamba” said in the All-Star interview that he is very upset with the slow recovery of his knee. While passing in future plans Kobe Bryant is expected to be part of the game in the next season always with the Lakers. But the question is if he will be able to give his best the next season (considering the age factor).

kobe bryant is out

LA Lakers’ manager, Mitch Kupchak claimed that there is no place to doubt the ability of Kobe Bryant for the coming season. No one should be in doubt about this. When he will return in the next season he will not be the same all around player that was in the past but still he will be a strong scorer said ex Lakers coach Phil Jackson.

This was a tough year for LA Lakers. Kobe Bryant is out and now they are the first team officially eliminated from 2014 Playoffs. Bryant continues to say that he will be again a vital player for his team because the ability to score is on his blood. We like to believe that this ability is not something that can be lost. Anyway we can’t say that he will be the same guy that he was regarding the game. The only thing to do is to wait and enjoy the next season.

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