LeBron James and Chris Bosh are staying in Miami

Updated: May 6, 2014

LeBron James and Chris Bosh are staying in Miami

When the team took off for Indianapolis on Tuesday afternoon before the game Bosh was a guest on The Dan Le Batard Show (on ESPN radio) in South Florida. This interview was not as usually, Dan Le Batard and his co-host Jon Weiner were playing two games with their guest. The first game was to fill in the blank and the second was “true or false”. As everyone knows the biggest question is if LeBron James and Chris Bosh are staying in Miami the next year or not. Their last question of “true or false” was related to this. Dan asked Chris if he will stay in Miami next year. Bosh answered “True”. The same question was made even for LeBron James and he again said “True”.

Bosh could have attracted the attention at that moment but he didn’t answered with a ‘false’ or a ‘can’t answer’ or a ‘no comment’. He gave us a straight affirmative answer.

Le Batard asked him about his responsibilities of being a father and what is the most difficult part of being father. Chris said “Changing diapers to my little daughter… Oh my gosh, that’s tough man.”

Some of the questions they made to Bosh:

But which are the characteristic that a good friend should have for you. “I appreciate people who don’t take things too serious.”

LeBron James and Chris Bosh are staying in Miami

Your best friends? “Both LeBron and D.Wade.”

Which are the players who clash most? “Bron and Rio I think.”

When you first signed with Miami did you thought that you could challenge Chicago Bulls record of 72-10? “True.”

Another statements does Chalmers think that he is better than James? “Mmmm false.”

Does Carmelo Anthony shoot too much? “No,,, False.”

What about “The Big Shot Bosh”? Do you like your nickname? “Yes I do, I like it. It is totally true.”

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