Pros and Cons if Derrick Rose returns this season

Updated: February 2, 2014

If we consider that the management of Chicago Bulls traded one of the  players that is admired and is considered as “the greatest ” in Luol Deng and considering the absence of their best player ,we can say that remaining  around five hundred  and in playoff  qualifies as overachieving. Whether  this team can reach the expectation ,immediately in our mind comes  this question: Should Derrick Rose return this season to improve  the game?!

From an official news it is declared that  nobody  should create expectation to see Derrick Rose  activated. But Derrick Rose declarations are different. He declared that exists the possibility that he  returns with the Bulls  in the postseason. Another information about him is that he wants to play this summer with an American team.

Should Derrick Rose return this season

There are many doubts to see him back  again with Chicago. But lets see which can be the advantages and the disadvantages of his return. If he choose to come back, he can increase the moral of the team and the players would be more secure. He can give a great contribute to his team and to his teammates in this aspect. From another point he can direct them to create the possibility to score. He can give the opportunity to score to the players like  Jimmy Butler, Mike Dunleavy, D.J. Augustin, Tony Snell who can grab this opportunity in the air.

The opinion of having Rose back with the team  this season are not good enough to justify his  return. Still there are skeptic people who say that he has to recover totally.

The critic give arguments that putting  him on the game would increase the interest of watching the game and nothing more than this. But Rose efforts  would give the chance to be good and well prepared for the next season and from this the team would benefit more.

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