Should Kobe Bryant sit out for rest of season?

Updated: February 2, 2014

Should Kobe Bryant sit out for rest of season

An official news for Kobe Bryant is confirmed. On Monday Bleacher Report gave this confirmation. He is doing many examinations by the best doctors these days but still he have pain in his left knee. This injury was also confirmed by John Black who learned this by the doctor Steve Lombardo.

The question is “Should Kobe Bryant sit out for rest of season???”

The truth is that this injury is making them feel insecure and this has nothing to do with the criticism of Johnson. The injury of Kobe Bryant corresponds with 17 from 20 lost games. What about Nick Young? The sun of Lakers. He went down twice without getting a pacers foul calls.

Some of  Lakers fill in players aren’t used to carry big  loads, especially for this long. It is totally clear and that their estimation it is not on their side.

When you hear the latest Kobe news, the demoralization capture all the positive thoughts.

Keep in mind, the  Lakers were extremely “thirsty” to play with Bryant, to play an important game, in his comeback season. After the first game of the year played by Bryant, Young could not help but he didn’t get any actual time on the court alongside him.

The Lakers now are not secure! Bryant still has pain and his knee is not ready. In three weeks time we will see the results of his improvement. After finishing this period of time we can notice workouts.


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